Digital in action

Digitization doesn’t stop at emergency services. Rosenbauers’ IoT solution aims to simplify daily work in fire-fighting operations, from preparations and follow-ups to monitoring and maintaining the vehicle fleet. The platform boasts a coherent concept and innovative UI/UX design for web, iOS and Android.


App Design,

Animation Design

01 cover 2x
02 connectedfleet onboarding 2x
03 connectedfleet dashboard 2x
04 connectedfleet data 2x
05 connectedfleet data2 2x
05 connectedfleet taskoverview 2x
06 connectedfleet taskoverview 2x
07 connectedfleet fahrtenbuch 2x
08 connectedfleet fahrtenbuch 2x
09 connectedfleet flightbook 2x
10 connectedfleet flightbook 2x
11 commanddata overview 2x
12 commanddata map 2x
13 commanddata detail 2x
14 commanddata grid 2x
15 app 2x
16 app detail 2x
17 mobile2 2x