We are who we are

It’s always nicer when it’s nice. This belief applies to our work just as much as it does to working together. Here, everyone is good at a lot of things – and together we’re the best at it.

Management & Wellbeing

Stefan Ortmair Stefan Ortmair
Andreas Tinoco Lobo Andreas Tinoco Lobo
Hannah Mayr Hannah Mayr
Maren Gabler Maren Gabler
Aram Swirak Aram Swirak

Strategie & Konzept

Denise Dorn Denise Dorn
Hana Salihodzic Hana Salihodzic
Bernhard Gigler Bernhard Gigler
Veronika Fouk Veronika Fouk

Branding & Motion

Christina Güttl Christina Güttl
Flora Schweizer Flora Schweizer
Lea Hierzenberger Lea Hierzenberger
Olga Vikhrova Olga Vikhrova
Barbara Schmid Barbara Schmid

UI/UX Design

Patrick Wibmer Patrick Wibmer
Miriam Krimpmann Miriam Krimpmann
Eva-Lena Gagern Eva-Lena Gagern
Nils Emilio Peppler Nils Emilio Peppler
Nadine Preiss Nadine Preiss
Yuliya Hofer Yuliya Hofer

Web Development

Georg Dietz Georg Dietz
Carina Meissl Carina Meissl
Matthias Andrasch Matthias Andrasch
Fabian Weingartler Fabian Weingartler
Alex Lang Alex Lang

Content & Photography

Alina Wagner Alina Wagner
Charlotte Jani Charlotte Jani

At home in Vienna & Salzburg

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Interested in working with us?

We are more than happy to advise you in the areas of brand development, UI/UX design, web development, photography and content strategy. After we get to know each other, we will send you a non-binding quote for your project proposal.


It’s you who makes the difference.

We’re sure of it: truly innovative ideas are a result of collaboration. That’s why we cherish our diversity of talent, skills and beliefs as our most valuable asset.