Design Lab

Design is a process

From the first idea to the final product, we go through countless phases, master unexpected obstacles, and seize every opportunity. We are technical magicians and visual designers - tireless in the pursuit of the greater good, better experiences, and a future full of freedom. With abstract 3D compositions and animations, we have given this work process a face - bold, colorful, and hungry for the new. Just like us.




3D Design,

Animation Design

Dotsandlines designfabrik LOOP2 Totale 16x9 0 00 02 20
Dotsandlines designfabrik LOOP3 Close UP 02 16x9 0 00 01 01
Dotsandlines designfabrik loop4 close Up 02 16x9 0 00 00 14
Dotsandlines designfabrik loop5 totale 0 00 05 11
Dotsandlines designfabrik Loop6 Close Up01 0 00 00 21