Digital Transformation is a Must.

Digital Transformation

This time in english – Although a number of years ago there was a variety of opinions around, I consider that in 2017 it is safe to say, that the internet has come to stay. The digitalization of our everyday lives is considered to be “the new normal”. I would definitely agree, however only from a consumer’s point of view. We have our toilet paper delivered by Amazon, watch our fav TV shows on demand on Netflix, and ask Siri for the best Thai restaurant in town. Consumers have gone digital, but many traditional companies still struggle to do so. That said, the big challenge for senior managers in this environment is to keep track with technological tendencies that are evolving at the speed of light. And please just don´t let us fool ourselves. Companies who fail to be on top of the game will have severe troubles – or disappear altogether. Don´t believe me? Remember a small US enterprise named Kodak?

Kodak & Nokia as an example

In its hey-days Kodak employed some 140.000 people and was ranked the 4th most valuable brand in the US. Not even 20 years later, Kodak went bankrupt due to the fact that they had misread the technological developments in their field. Another brand that thought they could do no wrong, was former mobile giant NOKIA, where complacency led to downfall. Extreme cases, sure…but what do they mean for any given company and what can be done to avoid the same cruel fate?

Digital Customer Experience

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, chief executives have learned to read the signs of the times and thus a 71% of the interviewees name the improvement of the (digital) customer experience amongst their key objectives for 2017. Correct attitude! However, to move at the customer’s pace it needs measures NOW. And for sure we do not mean yet another fancy Powerpoint presentation named “Digital Strategy 2025”. Digital leaders in Palo Alto won´t stop moving forward and if European companies still want to play a role in the future, then it is about time to get down to business: We are talking about technology infrastructure, big data analysis, in order to understand user behavior and top-notch user interfaces – because that is what digital customer experience is about. Now, this brings us to one of the most important questions in the context of digital transformation: “who is able to drive these highly complex projects”?

Digital Talent

77% of companies consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their digital transformation. So, what is the right way to plug this digital skills gap? Where to find the people who know what makes the modern customer tick? At the end of the day it comes down to the following: either train your people or get the right partners on board who can help you to master the challenge! It cannot be one or the other, both measures will be needed to guarantee future success. Capgemini Consulting, themselves being a billion Dollar enterprise, sees one big chance in big players engaging with the start-up community, in order to take on the digital challenge and find ways to break out of old business patterns.

Digital Expertise

We and our partner all about apps have been partnering with a considerable number of companies over the last years. Everything from stock listed multinationals, to hidden industry champions, to fellow start-ups. Our network value our profound passion for technology and our straight forward problem solving skills. Tekkies, not marketers, are the ones to successfully drive digitalization! We enjoy developing digital environments, everything from digital strategies to fully blown software with outstanding user interfaces. But we are also happy to help our partners to upskill their teams, so they can steer digital transformation projects from the inside.  And when we got an E-Mail on Monday morning saying, that their team has been sitting together working on their digital strategy on Saturday evening, digital transformation has become a fact!


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